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Pre tan instructions

Preparing for your GloBody Spray tan is easy, and taking a few simple steps beforehand will
keep your Glo looking fresh even longer.

Here’s how to prepare for your GloBody Spray Tan:
• shower
• exfoliate
• shave
• no make-up
• no deodorant
• no lotion
• wear loose fitting, dark colored clothing and/or robe (no silk)
• you may wear a dark colored swim suit, under garment, our disposable thongs, or
some female clients prefer to go nude.
• if it is raining, bring an umbrella to your appointment

*We also offer a Prep Spray which gently exfoliates and cleans the skin by removing oils, make-up,
lotions, deodorant and sweat residue. It also helps with solution absorption and prevents solution
beading. It’s a great option for those coming from work or who have just worked out.

You can grab a Prep Spray for just an additional $5.

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